Melanie Lidman, speaking in our IARJ video-conversation, which you can see below.

Melanie Lidman clinched the second prize in the second edition of the Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award for her article titled “From Auschwitz to Iftar: Danish Muslim-Jewish biker club revs up interfaith dialogue,” published by the Times of Israel.

The jury lauded her piece as a captivating narrative unveiling an unexpected alliance between faith groups often in conflict. It offers a compelling and optimistic portrayal of how these Danish bikers are confronting racism in their country. Lidman’s exceptional on-the-ground reporting provides rich details on the locations, politics, and individuals involved. She skillfully immerses the reader into the lesser-known subculture of bikers and delivers a poignant account of their journey to Auschwitz and the profound lessons they gleaned.

Melanie Lidman is an accomplished journalist based in Israel, currently affiliated with the Associated Press agency. Specializing in amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, particularly within religious contexts, Lidman’s work has garnered widespread acclaim. During her tenure as the Africa/Middle East coordinator for Global Sisters Report spanning five years, Melanie delved into the stories of Catholic sisters across more than 15 countries.

Her insightful reporting extends across diverse themes including religion, environment, and migration, featured in esteemed publications such as the Times of Israel.

In this video, our vice-chair, Jelena Jorgačević, engages in a discussion with Melanie Lidman, delving into a variety of intriguing topics related to her journalistic endeavors and the contemporary landscape of religion journalism.