The International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ) is launching its third series of online global dialogues, bringing together reporters from different regions of the world. The 2023 theme will be religious extremism in their countries.

Teal and orange graphic with the heading “Dialogues on Journalism & Religion, Religious Extremism”

Extremism fueled by strongly partisan ideologies is threatening many countries around the world, from Sri Lanka to Nigeria to the Ukraine and the United States. Faith is being used as a political identity in very divisive ways, and sometimes violence is waged by religious, political, and governmental forces in its name. The victims include not only people of other faiths, but those of the same faith and ardent secularists.

  • How is religious extremism impacting their communities?
  • How is it shaped by political, ideological, and cultural forces?
  • How are existing cultural fears and prejudices being exploited?

These are only a few of the issues that will be covered by journalists from different regions, who will share stories of how they handle the challenges in reporting them.

This new series includes eight 60-minute online dialogues from South/West Asia, North America, Sub-Sahara Africa, South Europe/Mediterranean region, South/Central America; Middle East/North Africa, Northern Europe, East Asia/Oceania.

Please watch our IARJ website for news of the upcoming regional dialogues.

The events will be live-streamed on the IARJ Facebook Page.

The video recording will be posted on IARJ website and YouTube channel, International Association of Religion Journalists – YouTube, where you can also watch the previous IARJ’s series of online dialogues on Religion in Times of Pandemic and Religion and Politics.