Book cover of "A World of Faith," by Peggy Fletcher Stack. The book cover features an image of the earth surrounded by people of various faith and ethnic backgrounds.
A World of Faith, by Peggy Fletcher Stack.
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Peggy Stack, Executive Director of the International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ), introduces children to the rich variety of faiths across the globe in the newly-released second edition of her book, A World of Faith. But don’t be fooled, this book is equally appealing to an adult audience. Its stunning cover draws the reader in immediately, and the full-page, batik-style illustrations by Kathleen Peterson continue to delight throughout the book. The write-up on each religious tradition is expertly-vetted and includes distinct practices as well as common threads among all.

While the first edition (published in the early 1990s) focused on Christianity—an idea that began with a question from Peggy’s young son about different Christian denominations—the second edition expands to a wider vision of the world’s diverse faith traditions, inspired in large part by the author’s work with IARJ.

Veteran religion journalist David Crumm notes that A World of Faith “covers a huge array of religious groups, including: Anglican, Baha’i, Catholic, Daoist, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon—and all the way through to Zoroastrian.” Reading this book “won’t make you an expert on world religions,” he says, “but it will orient you to the many branches of faith that are a living part of our global culture today.”

Another impressive endorsement comes from former US President Jimmy Carter: “The concise, descriptive text and beautiful illustrations provide an informative and entertaining resource to help children—and adults—understand the diversity as well as the similarity of the world’s religions.”

This book should be high on the list of all who value the importance of teaching future generations how to respect cross-cultural differences and embrace our common humanity. Click here to purchase A World of Faith on Amazon.